Viscera Film Festival

July 8th, 2012 ~ 1:23 pm

Last night we went tot he Viscera Film Festival.  It’s a festival to celebrate Women filmmakers in the horror genre.  Donna was in Boston this weekend, so Peter ended up being the guy on the Q&A panel.  They explained it was because they co-directed it, though it was funny and Peter felt pretty awkward.  In the end it was great though because he’s good with answering questions and even came up with a good one to ask another director.

Almost all the shorts were very good.  Even the ones that weren’t my cup of tea were made well.  I really enjoyed it.  Many were really funny.  The Night Caller is more of a straight up suspense film.  I think it went over really well.  We cant’ tell how scary it is because we made it, but feedback has been that it’s suspenseful.

Before the shorts they had a mingling period with drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  We saw a few folks we knew.  We got our photo taken on the ‘bloody carpet’, though a guy that worked there must have thought we were just random people off the street because he was like, “Make it fast.”  Peter was one of the filmmakers and one of a few listed on the program for the Q&A.  I think it’s ok if we want to get a snapshot, duder.  It seemed like all the pro photographers had left already by then anyway.    It was silly.  We got 2 snapshots, a silly one and a regular one.  Guess which is which.

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