Super Fancy ADR Session for Delivery

August 16th, 2012 ~ 6:25 pm

Adam and Brian got some sweet hookup at (a major studio) this week  and we got to use one of their top of the line sound booths to record some dialogue for Delivery!  It was huge and very fancy.  It’s where they bring Morgan Freeman to record all his awesome words.  Very rad.

Some of the lines we had done before in the smaller session, but since they have a full cut of the film now, they want to get the best sound they can for mixing.  They are doing a test screening this weekend.  I am not going to get to see it.  We won’t get to until it’s done.  It’s pretty exciting though.  I saw their manager at a party recently and he had just seen the cut and was super excited about it.  I think they also showed it to the sales rep folks.  This was really recently, like last week, so it’s not being shown to the studio people yet.  At least that I know of.  I’m not really in the loop as far as day-to-day.  But I feel like there is a lot of good energy around it right now. Hooray!


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