2009, pretty damn good.

December 30th, 2009 ~ 2:09 pm

2009 Highlights

  • starred in a feature, Leading Ladies, which will be released in 2010.
  • trained in ballroom dance for a month.
  • let them cut my hair short (over 10 inches).
  • shot on location for 5 weeks.
  • have had 8 new credits added to my IMDB page this year.
  • worked on almost 20 indie projects.
  • half were leading roles
  • used fight skills, dance.
  • full facial prosthetics, plus hair pieces.
  • learned to smoke a pipe.
  • ranged from TV, theater, film and commercial.
  • Got a Commercial agent

All in all, I can say 2009 has been great for me acting-wise. And I’ve already booked a short film shooting next week. 2010 is already looking pretty good.

My goals for 2010

  • to get a Theatrical agent which will hopefully lead to more paid roles.
  • I’d like to be getting co-stars and roles in bigger budget films.
  • I’d like to become SAG eligible, but I’m still not interested in extra work, so it may take me a bit longer since fewer productions Taft Hartly lately.
  • I am considering doing more physical training (dance, fight, etc.), but that will depend on money and time.
  • I’m currently writing a screenplay (who isn’t, right?) so I’d like to have that finished, hopefully in the first half of the year.

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