Part Time Fabulous on DVD

December 19th, 2012 ~ 8:36 am

PTF isn’t really a project I acted in, but I am part of the documentary component. It’s a narrative film intercut with documentary interviews of people living with clinical depression. The documentary is basically a form of therapy for the character, while the entire film itself is a form of therapy for the filmmaker, Jules. It’s a moving story of how depression can affect your life and people in it. It’s also a story of hope.

I was interviewed and have a few spots in the latter half of the film. It’s actually a sort of funny portion of my interview. I’m more in the “coping well” side of depression, so my bits are fairly positive and open about what I went through and am still dealing with.

I am a big supporter of the film and its message of promoting mental health understanding. The dvd is on sale now through Vanguard.

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