To the mooooooon, me!

January 31st, 2013 ~ 8:10 pm

Looks like I’ll be on board the mission to the moon. Moonbound24 is a new webseries I’ll be involved in. It’s certainly one of the most amazing audition experiences I ever had, so I’m looking forward to the project. I forget if I signed a NDA (I have the paper somewhere, maybe it was just a release?), so I probably shouldn’t describe it, but it was very fun and crazy.

They are starting the indie go go campaign and will start shooting this month. Luckily they are really understanding of my pending nuptials and can schedule my shoot times in March. Hooray! Everything’s coming up me!

Here is a snap from my audition!  Yes, those are foil kitty ears.

Laurel Vail moonbound24

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