New Agency! Working with Castle Hill.

July 10th, 2013 ~ 11:43 pm

Today I met with Lisa and Alan at Castle Hill and they scooped me up across the board! Kim at ABA was understanding about it since they couldn’t add anyone to their theatrical roster at this time and it’s hard to find theatrical representation by itself.

I always feel a little bad leaving places, but sometimes you aren’t a right fit somewhere or they might not know how to market you, etc.  I left Daily Talent a little over a week ago, so I’m glad to have a new agency to work with already.  I’m hoping to parlay the good press from Delivery into some new opportunities.  Next month my goal is to find some workshops with casting people I’ve never met and hopefully soon I’ll be able to afford going back to regular classes.

Yay new beginnings and new goals!


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