Screamfest 2013

October 11th, 2013 ~ 3:21 pm

Wednesday night was our Screamfest screening.  I was actually more anxious about it than I was for LA Film Fest since this audience watches a lot more horror I would imagine, and might be more analytic than most.

My husband had chorale rehearsal, so he dropped me off.  He didn’t plan on going this time anyway.  The first 2 screenings he saw stressed him out enough.  So I ended up getting there close to 7.  I had dinner.  Sort of watched some baseball.  A bit later everyone else showed up at the bar.  You can tell when because I stopped tweeting out of boredom.  I ended up forgetting to try and take pictures basically for the rest of the night.  🙁

When we went to the check in table, I saw that they are sponsored by my friends’ horror prop shop Dapper Cadaver.  I flipped through it, and sure enough found a couple photos from when I did one of their catalog shoots! I was like, “Oh! I’m in here! ” and the people at the table did not care at all. the guy just sort of stared blankly at me. Ha ha.  Fair enough, dude. I was going to take a snap shot, but there were a bunch of people behind me, so I didn’t.  But I found it sort of delightful.

Watched the movie again.  Still super upsetting.  I think I don’t feel like it’s me, because I still get into it like a normal movie of strangers. The audience was much quieter than the LAFF crowd.  Less swearing every so often.  But it still got a great reaction.

It looked like most people stayed for the Q&A.  Some were similar to the ones from LAFF.  My friend John asked them if they did any Satanic research, but it was mostly just pregnancy/home birth stuff.

I was really happy to hear people weren’t sure what the truth of it was.  It’s intended to be one that you can argue about later.  Everyone can have their own theories.  Adam and Brian won’t tell anyone. I think it’s best to retain the ambiguity and let people project their own feelings into it.


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