Feartastic Festival rounds out Delivery’s festival run

November 4th, 2013 ~ 2:34 pm

Well, it’s November and Delivery has made the rounds around the world.

This weekend was the final screening and I was able to make it to the festival.  It was Feartastic, the first ever Palm Springs Horror festival.  We had such a great time.  My husband and 2 of our friends came with us.  We grabbed a drink at the Hard Rock Hotel before catching a cab over to the theater. They had some promo stuff from FOX in front so we took some goofy snaps.

Sleepy Hollow Cast, in Cardboard

I will defeat you Death!


The people manning the table were super nice and when they heard I was in the next movie, they gave my friends and I VIP badges and me a free T-shirt! Then we did red carpet photos and headed inside while we waited.

The theater is adorable.

20131102_170322 20131102_170326


Upstairs they have a full bar and it was still happy hour, so we took the bartender’s suggestion and got rum runners, which had red syrup dripping down the sides like blood.  It probably wasn’t intentional for the scary theme, but it worked.

bloody delicious!


Then everyone else got there and we did some more red carpet shots.  By then it was time for the movie, so we went in.  The theater was pretty full and people seemed excited. During the screening the crowd was much more vocal than Screamfest had been.  And of course the big scene that gets everyone was very effective.

After the screening, the lights came up and we did a Q&A.  Colter was there; he played Kyle’s best friend in the film.  Marc and Adam were also there.  Brian was still in the UK, more on that later.  The moderator was great and some of the audience also had questions.  Then when we exited a bunch more came up to ask more questions and get photos.   Once again, Palm Springs proves to have a great movie audience!

This is about when my phone totally died so I don’t have many more photos.

By then we were starving, so we missed out on the last film, Here Comes The Devil, but I did meet the director, Adrián. He is super nice.  He has made other films, so I’m going to have to track them down.

We found a place back near the hotel: Oscar’s Cafe.  It was delicious. I was amazed we got seated so fast since it was also Pride Weekend in the city and downtown was packed (and faaabulous!). After dinner we decided to walk to the after party instead of taking a cab, but underestimated how far 0.8 miles actually takes. But we made it!

The party had an amazing spread.  I wished I hadn’t eaten so much at dinner.  There were so many kinds of cheese!! Also other stuff, but CHEESE! I met other filmmakers and the programmers of the festival.  I only ended up drinking 2 light beers since the cocktail from dinner wasn’t even affecting me, so I didn’t bother drinking any more.  I told Jeff I would drive.

I think we went back to the Hard Rock around 12:30ish I think.  We sat in the lobby bar where there was a DJ in a little booth covered in speakers, but then still needed to have a speaker set up because at the Hard Rock, none of the decorations actually work.  There was a small contingent of dudes dancing up a storm in the lobby next to the DJ. I tried my phone one more time, so this is the only snap I got that night. Those guys were into it.

Dance party

At some point Marc got up and called us over.  So we danced for a while and it was super fun.  We got tired and didn’t really know what the song was, so we sat down again.  Then I started feeling a bit ill.  I figured I danced too hard and was probably pretty dehydrated by then.  Jeff and I went back to our hotel and Liz and Meredith came a little bit later.

Then we maybe almost died.


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