And then our hotel room maybe tried to kill us…

November 4th, 2013 ~ 3:43 pm

I think I woke up around 5 something in the morning.  It was the time change, so I don’t know.

My head hurt really bad, which isn’t unusual. But my chest also hurt.  This occasionally happens if I’m having really bad anxiety so I get tense.  I tried to relax so I could fall back asleep, but then it felt like my heart was racing.  I tried taking my own pulse, then realized I don’t know what a normal rate is.

So I was trying to decide if I was just imagining it being an abnormal rate and that it was just the headache compounding it, or if it was actually going really fast.  I also had a bit of heartburn and remembered reading that women have that sort of thing when they have a heart attack.  I was really flushed and when I went to move I got a major head rush.  I sat up and Jeff was already awake.

I told him I felt.. weird.  And maybe, just to be safe, I should go to the hospital.  I stood up and stumbled toward the wall.  Meredith was also awake.  I heard a door open and was sort of disoriented so she guided me into the bathroom.  Maybe I said I felt ill? Anyway, I stumble in there, manage to remove my night guard and put it in the sink before falling over and throwing up on the floor.  I assumed I ate something bad since I had started feeling ill before we came back.

As I sat on the floor, my head against the cool toilet seat, I overheard Jeff and Meredith discussing that they were also feeling really odd.  Headaches, really dizzy, heart just pounding out of their chests.  We started going over everything we ate and drank that day and none of it lined up for all of us.  Jeff had a feeling it was something in the room if it hit all of us.  He opened the window, which was a tiny crack, but the room had a balcony, so we could open that wide. We also turned off the AC unit.

Jeff woke up Liz to make sure she was ok.  She said her heart felt fine and assumed the headache and dizziness she felt was hangover related.  And maybe it was.  We can’t prove we had carbon monoxide poisoning, but we sure started feeling better after we opened the door.

My heart slowed down finally.  I was still too dizzy to lie down.  When I tried I just threw up again.  Once I felt like I could stop hugging the toilet, I propped myself up in a corner and tried to fall asleep.  Except not right away.  I kept trying to wake myself up because I was still afraid.  Eventually I did fall asleep against the wall.  And then after while I could lie down again.

In the morning we noted that the room had no ventilation other than opening the door and that bathroom window a crack

I stayed lying down until we really had to check out.  I left some cash for the cleaners because I felt so bad about throwing up on the floor.  I also left a note telling them to leave the door open until it’s checked for CO.

At the front desk when we checked out, I told them what happened.  He said the smoke detectors were also CO detectors.  Hopefully they will test that room at least.  Even if it wasn’t CO, something was in the room making us sick.  And if it was CO, maybe it wasn’t high enough for the detector to sense it, but enough to make us sick.

In the morning I realized my wedding ring wasn’t on, but I was so grateful we were ok that I wasn’t super worried when we couldn’t find it.  Then it turned out to be in my jeans pocket.  Yay!

On our way home we had a lot of good laughs about it.  It seems that Palm Springs keeps trying to kill me and Meredith.  Last time we were there we both got sick after going out on the town and partying a bit much.  This time I wasn’t even drunk, so Palm Springs had to up its game.


So anyway, make sure your CO detectors are working and they should be installed lower than a smoke detector because CO is a heavier gas.

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