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February 2nd, 2014 ~ 11:46 pm

Well,  it’s been a while since I checked in here.  Not a while lot has been going on, so that’s mostly why.  I was also super busy at my jobby job.

I shot a book trailer for Cold Iron, by D. L. McDermott. (Pocket Star).   USA today

We also did the dvd commentary for Delivery.  They are apparently in the process of putting together a new trailer and posted and then I guess they let us know the release date.  Should be soon! (I know I’ve been saying that for a while, but for reals it will be coming out in a few months!)


Then I went to Paris for my jobby job for 3 weeks, which was a lot of work, but Paris is wonderful and I would definitely go back for an actual vacation.  I did get 3 days off over the 3 weeks I was gone, so it wasn’t totally crazy.  Plus they flew out my husband for New years and my Bday, because they are awesome.  Our clients there were super nice and smart, so aside from the insane hours, it was about as good a business trip as I could ask for.



I shot some scenes for an indie project by Elizabeth (she played Jenny in Delivery) and her husband James, who produced a feature together and sold it last year.  The stuff I’m in is all improvised, so we came up with a new, funny take on the character after the original actress had to drop out.  In the script it’s written as a super fitness-obsessed character, and let’s just say that is certainly not me.  😉  The original script is set up as a feature, but they are thinking of dividing it into webisodes.  It was incredibly fun and the guy paired with me was hilarious. I’ll have another shoot this month for it.

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