San Francisco Trip

February 20th, 2014 ~ 12:04 am

I flew up to San Francisco to go to some of the screenings of Delivery at San Francisco Indie Fest. We had drinks at Giordano Bros, a Philly-centric bar. Then dinner was tapas next door at Picaro and it was delicious! The screening was at the Roxie theater in the Mission district.  It’s one of those classic theaters that’s been around since 1909! We were in the big theater that night and it was over half full.  Not bad for a cold rainy night. We had a good Q&A.  I was pretty tired, so we just went home afterward.

Sunday I went and saw some other films.  A Field in England was super weird, but entertaining. I think I understood most of what was happening.  I think.  Then later I caught Congratulations! which is super funny and absurd.

The rest of the guys had left on Sunday, but I stayed with some friends for the extra days, so on Monday I was the only one at the screening for the Q&A.  When I went in the lobby, I realized I’d lost my festival pass.  I was like, “Um, I’m in the movie and lost my pass…” They were cool. (I never found it, but Adam gave me an extra he had so I could keep one.) We were in the smaller theater, and the projector was a little dim.  Hopefully people were able to catch the subtle stuff in there anyway. I did a Q&A after the screening by myself, but I think I did a good job answering stuff.  Someone actually asked if we shot in low light or if they artificially darkened it.  I was still thinking about the dimness and mentioned that the projection was a bit dark. He clarified and I answered about the natural lighting. I felt bad bringing it up because the theater is so nice to have us there, but I also kind of wanted to let people know that it’s not actually that dark.  Most of the audience stuck around for the questions that night, which was cool.

We had another  screening in Oakland tonight, but we couldn’t be there.  Hope they had a good time tonight!

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