Live via Satellite, sort of – Rue Morgue’s Cinemacabre

February 21st, 2014 ~ 9:16 pm

Last night we got together to do a Q&A with the audience in Toronto via Skype!  It was awesome.  They had us on the big screen for them. There was a slight reverb on the mic sometimes, but we could hear most of what he said with an occasional repeat. The audience didn’t have a mic, so they didn’t get the reverb effect from the speakers and were easier to understand it turned out. We never had feedback from our voices, which was good.  (When I use skype at work my coworkers often get bad feedback and reverb.)  It was great to get to sort of be there even though we couldn’t actually go.  I think the laptop was in the projection booth because we could only see a dark floor and wall.  I’m assuming they needed to hook it up there.  But they sent us pictures!

Our huge faces:

Skype Q&A

Wide view of the Royal

Goofily ass-kissing our kindly sponsor.  Also drinking:

Kraken! (sponsor on both sides)

The Royal Theater:

The Royal Theater

Here’s us on our end!


An excuse for weeknight cocktails, and a funny gag

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