Oh Hai.

September 14th, 2015 ~ 8:41 pm

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything. It’s been a long weird year.

Last time I posted (February) I was unemployed. That continued until the end of April. I did some freelance motion graphics and web design stuff. I worked on learning more web skills. I was a PA for a commercial one day. I tried being a Lyft and Uber Driving, about which I have mixed feelings. I eventually got super depressed and returned to medication and therapy, which I hadn’t been doing because of health insurance and all that garbage.

But then I got a great new job and things were much better. Then work got really, really busy this summer. It didn’t really interfere with auditioning though since I wasn’t getting any. I didn’t have time to self-submit, which is where I book most of my gigs. So I really only worked on one or two projects. I did a really funny short for my friend Doug at Psychic Bunny. (That reminds me to check in on the progress of that.) And then.. no I guess that’s it.

So then at the end of summer I was chatting with some folks about how I have wanted to dye my hair red for a really long time, but didn’t because I’d need new headshots and maybe I’d get less auditions, etc. But I was getting zero auditions anyway, so those were dumb excuses.
I’m happy to report that I now have red hair! I even got new headshots so I’ll probably keep it a while and see how it does.

Then after all that hair stuff, I learned that my theatrical agency was shutting down, so now I do not have an agent. I decided to also drop my commercial agency since they’ve only gotten me out maybe twice in like 2 or more years? Has it been that long? I’m pretty sure they forgot about me after maybe 6 months anyway, and then me dropping them back in 2013 as theatrical rep maybe didn’t encourage them? Eh, who cares? I’m totally un-represented currently. I figure I’ll leave myself open for something new to come along. It’s sort of bad timing since I am in a theatrically released film right now (more on that later), which is nice to note when you submit on projects. Oh well.

Mainly I’m planning on focusing my energy on producing my own stuff. It’s what ‘they’ all say you have to do now. And it’s what I want to do anyway. So I’m writing a lot and have a bunch of project ideas now. I just have to figure out which is the more feasible to accomplish first. And then I have to make that all happen. Which, weirdly, I think will be easier than getting a good agent.

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