The Red Ace Cola Project

November 20th, 2008 ~ 11:33 pm

Tonight I finally saw The Red Ace Cola Project and it was delightful. It is a story of a female scientist trying to get respect in a man’s profession. It’s all old-timey. There is a wonderful long tracking shot in the middle. I just love stuff like that. Kudos to Susan and Chuck for pulling it off.
I was actually on set twice, once helping out being PA/script supervisor for a day and another being one of the ‘hula hoop kids’ at the end. I could not actually hula hoop so there is just a shot of me drinking soda and then all us ‘ hula hoop kids’ together smiling.
Ilana was such a trooper. I was there the day they did all the water stuff and she had to be in a pool of cold water on a not so warm day. Then she was shot at with super-soakers full of caramel-colored liquid. I never heard her complain. Bravo ma’am. Nice job in the film overall as well.
Funny coincidence- it turns out she is in my friend Ben’s improv troupe, Bobby Hot Stuff. Check them out. They perform at IO a lot, probably other places too.

Near the end of the screening I had a headache so I left before the last film and the after party. Alas. But I got to see a lot of folks I hadn’t seen in a while before hand, so I guess it’s ok.

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