It's like I'm back in high school

February 22nd, 2009 ~ 11:27 pm

Today I went to a rehearsal for a short film and learned how to roll a joint. I know, I know, seems like something people should know how to do by now, but I am not a smoker so it was new to me. I was not good at it, but it’s ok. I felt like i was a 12 year old watching an older sibling showing me how to do it, even though that never happened in real life. I also learned how to effectively smoke a bowl. Or at least how to pretend smoke one. We didn’t have anything in it. We might have some pretend (no, really) herbal stuff for the shoot. We’ll see if I can inhale it. I am not much of a success at trying to inhale. I guss we’ll see on friday.

Then tonight I went to my first meeting with 3 of a Kind Theater Company, Season 9. I am really, really excited. I haven’t done theater since high school so this will be so much fun. And the descriptions of the plays being written so far sounds delightful. Rehearsals are once a week so we won’t be performing until June. That’s just fine by me because I prefer keeping my schedule pretty open and flexible.

In other news I met the director of another project I’ll be doing in early April. I get to use a sword cane!!!! It’s pretty dark, a little demented, and it’s going to be oh so much fun! Sword cane.

Then I have another shoot in March probably, but we haven’t scheduled it yet. It’s about an apocalyptic virus. I guess it’s technically about the survivors of said virus.

I think that’s what I got lined up for now. Things are picking up pretty nicely this spring. Plus I found additional casting workshops to go to so that could turn into good stuff down the road.

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