The Black Dawn: Catalyst

March 30th, 2009 ~ 9:08 pm

Sounds pretty badass, eh?

POSSIBLE SPOILERS mixed throughout so I can talk about my acting experience.

So there is this web series called The Black Dawn and they decided to make a short film prequel to it. It will be divided up into sections for posting on the web and then put together as a film after it is published to the site. I play Lila Reed. She’s like this government scientist. Apparenlty she is also a character in a comic book they are writing, so that is extra rad.

Things started out rough because not only had I been late for the read through the week before (traffic!), I was late for the first shoot date. I HATE being late. I felt like a total asshole. It was fine, they shot something else in the time, but still. I just had no idea how long my hair takes to curl. It was looking sort of crappy, so I needed to do it, but it just took at least twice as long as I expected. Boo!
We went over time, at least on my schedule which was supposed to be noonish, and maybe a little overall for the day. Sorry guys! On the bright side, the microscope we accidently dropped totally didn’t break!

Saturday was better. I got up on time, which was miraculous since I forgot to set my alarm. Yay! So I got there extra early, not that it matters when no one else is there, but I felt better about it. The shoot went pretty well. I had some line issues, but finally got them out in the end. Phew! I think I was a bit frazzled for a while, but got better. And we finished right on time!

Sunday was an evening shoot and we got some rad shots up on the hills by the Mulholland look out point around sunset. My allergies were fiesty, but calmed down as the wind died a bit. Then we did a company move to the Glendale/east LA area to a swank house in the hills up there. There was some faux cooking and wine drinking – real, not faux – some laughs and some makeouts. I don’t really like doing love scenes because it just seems so weird in the first place, and I have a boyfriend, etc. I have this instinct to not want to kiss other dudes when I am with someone. Go figure. But I am also a professional, and makeout we did.

And that was a wrap for me, unless we need ADR or something later.

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