New Bookings

March 10th, 2010 ~ 8:44 pm

Looks like I got two shorts coming up. One this month where I play a male-impersonator/ ventriloquist! How rad is that? I’m so excited. I have a fitting this week and rehearsal next week. Woo!

Then I have one in early May where I play a drug dealer. It’s an Alice in Wonderland inspired story, so I’m like the Mad Hatter. Should be fun.

Then this weekend I’m doing some modeling with Chris Malcolm again. Those are always fun. I’ll post copies when I get them.

I also have a final callback on an indie feature this weekend. We did callbacks last week where they paired up actors to be married couples and they want to pair me with another actor this weekend. Hopefully it will go as well as the last 2 sessions. We did it all improv, which I usually find really intimidating, but I hit a really good stride with the character. Whether I get it or not it’s been really good having that experience. Dramatic improv is a lot different than comedy, but at least I’m getting much more comfortable with it.

Oh, and Leading Ladies is through with color.  It’s all onto sound and titles and stuff.  Woo!  I’m hoping they will come visit soon so we can see it!  They think April could work and it should be done then.  Yay!

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