The Better to Bite You With

April 2nd, 2009 ~ 9:34 am

This week I started shooting the USC film short. It’s one of the non-dialogue projects so they can focus on the technical stuff about the film, lighting and composition. They are fun to work on because they don’t take very long, generally look nice and you pretend you are a silent movie star. Which isn’t to say you ham it up like they did back then, but you have to focus on your body and expressions instead of how you say words. It’s actually an exercise I find very helpful. Sometimes non-verbal communication is more powerful.

I get to be a vampire so they gave me some fangs that you mix this goo into, which then form to your teeth. Then you can snap them on and off and they stay put really nice. I’ll probably have 2 more shooting nights, but a 3rd if we don’t finish next Monday. I think we will though.

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  1. john hill (tony) says:

    oh yeah…we’ll finish for sure!

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