fighty fight fight!

April 11th, 2009 ~ 6:38 pm

Met up with the director, dp, and fellow actor this week for a short we are shooting this month. We worked out the beats of our fight choreography and checked out where we will be shooting. Should be fun. I have a sword cane!!!! Also a rad costume. It’s a weird piece and fairly violent, but it will be fun to make. This month is full of blood and guts for me isn’t it? I’m all about killin’ this month. At least this won’t involve animal parts.

Theme for next two months, though, is DANCE!!!! Actually I’m already on it and worked on my tango some more today. I have another lesson tomorrow. I think I am figuring out a few things I was doing wrong today- possibly trying to take larger steps than I actually need to be taking. Damn cartoons always making the tango look ridiculous! I’ll find out tomorrow if that fixed my feet issues. I think that will also carry over to my back. if I have more control in my feet I will move more naturally. I hope I am getting it right. I think I am but it’s hard to know when I am practicing on my own. I want to get good enough that I can move without looking like I am concentrating really hard. Like, effortless. Especially the tango because the swing is more big and fun with less precise steps. At least I think it is. In my limited experience, but I’ve never been around pros while dancing before. I’m actually glad there will be a lot of people there who know what they are doing very well and can give me tips, instead of me trying to rely on Erika (co-director) all the time for dance help. She will have a million other things to worry about at the same time.

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