Dance lessons 3.5

April 19th, 2009 ~ 10:38 pm

Dance lessons are going really well. Anya is out of town sometime soon and busy a lot, so I talked to the studio (Balliamos in WeHo) where we were practicing and set up a set of sessions. They are really excited about the project. Jacob is one of managers or owners and he’ll be working with me. It went great today. I’m having sooo much fun.

Then Nicole and I went out Tango dancing (Argentinian) tonight with pair of her friends. It was really fun and it was awesome getting to try out being partners. I also danced with other people, as lead. It was funny, a guy let me lead him too. Nicole was awesome. The instructor picked her for a demo and she was great. I think she will be just as good with me when I’m proficient in the steps. We were both newbies in Argentinian though, and of course a bit clumsy at times. She is a dancer but doesn’t have tons of ballroom experience so we can sort of learn and grow together.

I can’t believe I leave in like 3 weeks! ACK! It will probably be a dance lesson almost every day and yoga on the days I have time. I was dancing on set the other night (update on that shoot coming soon) like I was Gene Kelley. Or pretending I was like him at least. I’m really enjoying exploring my movements and types of things I can do at any given time to help prepare me. God, I am so excited.

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