Singin' in the Rain….

April 19th, 2009 ~ 10:49 pm

Thursday night I had a shoot up in Tarzana for this strange little film I’ve been mentioning that lets me have a sword cane. I also get to dress like a Droog, which looks really cool. We shot a part when I’m skipping and dancing a bout kicking bottles, etc. and then go hide, so that’s why I was pretending to be Gene Kelley. Doubtful they would have the rights to that song, but I hummed it to myself as a skittered down the alley. The location shut down at 11, so it wasn’t too late a night.

Friday we met up at an apartment they had done all up with a giant white parachute Hung about and candles and such. It was really neat.

I was supposed to be upset and crying, but hard as i tried the waterworks were dried up. I can usually do it, and my eyes would get a wee bit misty at the corners, but not enough to be visible. Boo! So while I’m trying, the AD and DP are sort of trying to help, but they are funny, so even their suggestions seemed funny. then at one point the smart alec DP says, Imagine your mother all murdered and bloody. And for a second I thought about if i should says something or not, but I could resist because it is such a rare and interesting situation that I opened my eyes and look up at them and I’m like- “Actually… She was….: Which is true. It’s sad, but it was also almost 20 years ago and I’ve grieved and moved on and it doesn’t‘ really work to make me cry. I’m also not really upset talking about it or whatever. And at first they thought I was kidding because I was sort of amused at the situation, and there was this little moment of like- wait, for real? And I’m like – “sorry, yeah. I almost didn’t‘ say anything but I couldn’t resist.” So then the DP, who’d been making cancer jokes, etc., all night, is all- “Oh wow, I’m going to hell.” And I’m like- “Oh come-on, you couldn’t have known. How often is that actually true.” I was amused because it’s sort of a funny and rare situation. Hopefully he doesn’t feel bad about it because I don’t find it upsetting. But maybe that’s what he gets for making fun of Battlestar Galactica without ever having seen it.

Then finally, after like 1 AM we finally record my first piece of dialog- poor sound guy waiting all night for one line there. The rest was all MOS. But that’s how it goes sometime. We had to shoot in order because there were transitions involved and then blood at the end which stained my hands. Thems the brakes.

This shoot’s really fun. This week we do the rest of the dialogue and the fight! Woo! Sword Cane!

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