Dance lessons 4 & 5

April 22nd, 2009 ~ 12:28 pm

I started working with Willem at Balliamos this week. I like working with different instructors because I can pick up something more from each of them. Like if I’m not getting something with one, maybe it will make more sense with another. So far I’m still on American Tango. I have done the basic, the open fan, the promenade, the corte, tango rocks, box step with kicks, and the right side fans. My frame is still a little loose at times, but I’m getting better and leading more.

No dance today because Dancing with the Stars rented the studio all afternoon. I go tomorrow morning though.

Oh, and I discovered something sort of odd the other morning at yoga- putting any kind of pressure on my head hurts like the dickens. This isn’t anything new. I was trying to do a head stand, which I can never do, but I humor the instructor and try. I assume I’m doing something wrong or whatever- like I should support the weight on my arms. Then she says someone asked how much weight should be supported by the head and she said all of it. All of it? I can’t even start to lean on my head without pain. I take it that’s not normal since no one else seemed to have the same reaction I did. Oh well. I guess I’ll keep working on hand stands instead.

PS- yoga is hard.

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