Have I mentioned the cast?

April 22nd, 2009 ~ 1:02 pm

Some Leading Ladies updates…

Benji Schwimmer – Cedric
Lacey Schwimmer – Tasi
Melanie LaPatin – Sheri
Nicole Dionne – Mona

From what I can tell, casting is totally spot on. I have yet to meet Melanie (in NY) and Lacey (mad busy). Benji and Nicole are a delight. We will be having so much fun – exhausting, exhausting fun. I’m also excited that there are big dancing names on board now because that will help sell the film for festivals and distribution. When I told my sister the updated cast she’s like- Tell the Schwimmers I’m a big fan! So I think there is a decent built in audience for this.

They got a costume designer, Markas Henry, on board now. Hopefully the measurements I sent him will be lower by the time I get out there. Gots to tighten up! I’ll be surrounded by wee dancers!

What else…? Mostly I’m doing my dance training and yoga and waiting on more details about travel and such.S tarting to put together a project binder for myself, broken down into scenes so I can add notes and character choices and such. Helps keep the work organized and it’s something to keep records in if I need to go back and see what was done.

I still have a few obligations before I leave. One shoot night left and I’ll have to return the sword cane. boohoo! Then I have a pilot for a web show in early May. That will be a 2 day shoot. I am also going to casting workshops since I already signed up a while ago. I’m just not adding anything new. I don’t want to be busy before I leave. I want time to be really comfortable in the role before I even get out there.

Oh, and then regular work. Still doing that of course. But I really like my job, so it’s not a hassle.

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  1. Angie says:

    Awesome on all counts!

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