Tree of Knowledge shoot

April 25th, 2010 ~ 9:55 pm

Yesterday and today I was on set for a CSUN thesis, Tree of Knowledge. It’s a really cool project. They’re doing motion capture and I think they are going to shoot it for 3D, at least the 3D animation part. I played the supporting character at the beginning and end of the short. It was written for a guy, but it works either way. I was so glad they called me.

We shot in Burbank yesterday at an orthopedic doctor’s office. When I got there they were about to shoot the doctor and the main girl. I recognized the actor from The Matrix and The Marine, and more importantly my friend Donna’s grad thesis from a few years ago. I asked him about it and he confirmed. Small world! He has the best voice. He was super nice too. The crew was great and friendly. Things were running behind so I had more time to wait, but there was always someone to talk to, or I’d go watch the monitor. They are shooting on the Red, so it’s lovely. It just took longer to light than they would have liked, so some shots were cut. The makeup artist did a great job.   I go over to the director and the DP and they’re like- ‘um, she looks too pretty. Can you make her look more strung out?’ So we go back and she adds dark circles over the makeup she used to cover up my natural dark circles. He he. We’re supposed to be in rehab, in case you’re wondering. I got started shooting in the afternoon but we got all the stuff we needed. There were a few that can be faked elsewhere because they were inserts. The girl they cast in the lead was lovely, so I was not jealous. (well, I’m a little jealous she gets to do the motion caption, but not like sad about it.)

Last night I had people over and ended up staying up ridiculously late. Like 4am. Luckily the exterior shots are the same day in the story, so dark circles were the way to go. I also didn’t have a call until 11am, so I could sleep a bit later.
We went to the Pasadena library. They have this enormous, gorgeous tree with massive roots. The main prop is a dragon fruit which is a crazy looking fruit. I didn’t end up trying it. They say it is similar to kiwi.

I left before they finished, so hopefully they got all the shots they needed. I think these are the two main live-action shoot days. The rest will be mo-cap. The director said they may end up making an animated version of me if they end up finding a place to use it, which would be rad!

I had a great time this weekend. It’ll take a while to finish, but I think it’s going to be a really cool innovative little film.

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