Dance Lesson 7

April 26th, 2009 ~ 2:02 pm

Worked with Willem today. I got through all our moves twice around, which is good. They weren’t all perfect, but they feel more and more natural each time. And I got the pivots pretty well, which are my favorites so far. I also learned a new sort of transition promenade change or something move. It’s useful when you are maneuvering around other people on the dance floor. I also met Melanie’s dance partner Tony. He passed through the studio and I was introduced.

Oh- small world moment: The other day Willem met Nicole’s friend Mick that we went dancing with last week. Kind of random! We will probably all get together again this Tuesday for tango at Balliamos. They do group lessons and tango party every Tuesday. So fun! It’s Argentinian as well, so I’ll got more practice with those moves.

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