Early mornin' dance demo

April 27th, 2009 ~ 3:16 pm

I got up at 3:15 this morning and got out to the studio by 4am. No one was there. I waited for a bit. at one point a car slowly made an illegal u-turn and drove by me slow, then went to park behind where I was (which is no parking for street cleaning that early). I kind of wonder if they were seeing if I was a Prostitute. Sorry to disappoint, sir. They left, but i was a bit creeped out. I decided there must have been a change of schedule and went back to my car. Someone pulls up next to me and gets out of his car and get’s out a gym bag. I ask him if he’s going to the studio and he was! I wasn’t misinformed or crazy! We go back and then there is a car in the back with another pair of folks waiting. Ok, I was just too early. In the end I could have shown up at 5 and had plenty of extra time. Oh well, it’s pretty standard in La to ask people to come way eraly since most people tend to be late. It’s a fact.

Anyway, KTLA showed up and we did various little lessons and practice dancing for the background while they did some quick live segments over the course of a few hours. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Jacob and Willem are crazy good dancers. Probably why they are world champions. It was fun to get to see them dance together.

I started crashing near the end so I went home afterward and slept for another hour before going to work. I got a free lesson out of it, not to mention I learned a bit of salsa, rumba and got some swing practice. They taped one segment to show later tonight on the 9 pm show.

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