Before the Wonder shoot

May 9th, 2010 ~ 10:04 pm

Friday I went down to Long Beach for a Cal State thesis shoot. The story is an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and I got to be the Mad Hatter analogue. It was super fun and they were really efficient. It was on 16mm, and they didn’t want to waste film. We were able to rehearse before each take so we would hit it in one or two takes. Me and the March Hare analogue got to do a wee bit of improv which was fun. She also does stand-up so she was hilarious all day. The set was just one room, but it wasn’t very big so we would go outside when they were setting up each shot. There wasn’t room otherwise and it got really warm in there. They had the lights and a fog machine and then no AC or fan going. Luckily the weather was really nice and comfortable all day so we enjoyed the down time just chatting outside.

The guy who lived there had 2 cats and one of them kept meowing a lot. It just wanted attention- which I was happy to give when I could go to the other room. Eventually the cats fell asleep so we didn’t need to worry about the sound anymore. They were so cute. I am a cat person.

I ended up finishing earlier than I thought. Kudos to those guys for quick set ups and keeping on schedule. It was an excellent one day shoot. I got to be a weirdo and the director was really happy with they way everything went. They think it should be finished by the fall. At least they hope as long as post goes smoothly.

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