May 9th, 2010 ~ 10:20 pm

The guys from the feature decided they weren’t really feeling like the actor playing my husband and I had the best chemistry. He is a great actor, but whatever that spark is that people have together we didn’t quite have it. So they decided to hold additional auditions and I went in this morning to do chemistry tests.
We improvised scenarios I’d done at the other casting sessions when I was auditioning, so I was a bit prepared. It’s still always new because you never know what they will do or say.

At the end they were like- ‘Man that’s got to be a little exhausting, doing that over and over.’ But ultimately the shoot will be doing that all day long, so it’s good to get a taste of it now. It will be challenging, but I’m excited. Hopefully they liked the results from today and can be done with casting because I would imagine it’s mega stressful. The goal is still to be ready for shooting the end half of June.

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