Dance Lesson 8

April 27th, 2009 ~ 3:29 pm

I got a free lesson from Jacob today since I helped out with the dance demo this morning. We decided to give Argentinian a shot. But not just little simple Argentinian, but like fancy kicky stuff. Certainly didn’t master it, but I started to understand it at the end. Then we reviewed all the stuff I’ve done in American Tango so far. I’ve realized that any given dancer does certain moves their own way. Jacob says that’s pretty common so just do what you are most comfortable with. I figure that’s fine with me. I’d rather learn different ways of doing a move so that if Melanie or Erika asks me to do it a new way I won’t be so stuck in one way. Adaptability! Woo!

Anya came by midway through to practice with a fellow. Maybe practicing for a competition? It looked more fancy than just a lesson.

Dancing is so awesome.

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