Dance lessons 8.5 &9

April 29th, 2009 ~ 8:51 pm

Argentinian time!
Did a group lesson on Tango Tuesday with Mick that I met through Nicole. Nicole couldn’t make it though. We learned fun gancho and boleo moves and switched back and forth leading and following. It was super fun.

Then at lesson 9 I reviewed and practiced the Argentinian stuff I did from Monday and we added it to the end of the American routine we’ve been doing. It actually worked pretty well. Argentinian is much harder but fancier. I’m glad we are going into it because I suspect Melanie and Erika will throw some fancy stuff in there for the movie.

One thing I am also learning is that I wish my legs were longer. But oh well, what can you do? We’re trying to work out steps so that I can hit them on time but also give room for a goncho. Both instructors are tall dudes, so it might not be so awkward when I am dancing with Nicole or Lacey.

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