Oh, I laid around in my underwear in bed with a stranger

May 16th, 2010 ~ 9:35 pm

That’s my answer to “What did you do yesterday?”

I went up to the valley to shoot some scenes for My Personal Demon.  It’s a morning after a one-night-stand sort of thing so It was basically us in our underwear and then I put my dress back on and walk out of the room.  Not particularly titillating or risqué, but technically in my underwear.  I was actually wearing a tank top and boy-short style underwear, so about as un-revealing as you can be without actually wearing normal clothes.  As they were setting up the first shot the DP was like- “Something is blowing out the camera- oh, it’s your legs.”  I was tooo white for the camera!  So we just covered them up for that shot. Hilarious!  Seriously though, my legs are pale as hell.  My arms and face have some color due to driving around and such, but my legs don’t have that exposure very often.

They day was running behind so we ended up not getting one of the scenes that day.  We will either pick it up next weekend or cut it.  It’s not super essential to the plot, just added funny.  I guess it will depend on if they can use that apartment again and if there is time.  I felt bad for the other actor who had to wait forever because they switched the schedule and moved my scenes up to catch the daylight in the bedroom since the living room stuff didn’t need daylight, plus they had already set up in there for the earlier scenes.  He was a really good sport about it though.

We have more locations to get to next week, so it will probably be more of a time crunch with all the moves.  I’m not sure what their deadline is since it’s for a contest, but i’ll be out of town Memorial Day weekend, so hopefully we’ll be able to get all my scenes done before then.  It’s a fun shoot since I get to work with my friend John finally.  He plays the demon.

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