My personal water in the face

June 2nd, 2010 ~ 10:08 pm

Monday we finished shooting My Personal Demon. It was postponed a week but luckily I flew back to LA pretty early on Memorial Day, so we could get the rest of my scenes that day.

We started with the scene in the park where the demon throws a water in my face. It was breezy and a bit chilly in the shade, so we didn’t go full force until we did my closeup. And boy, did we ever go full force. It looked amazing and hilarious. No one could figure out how he even got all the water out of the bottle at once like that. I was looking the other way and then sploosh! Like I was hit by a wave. Good honest reaction there! So then I had to maintain some wetness on my face for the rest of it, but it wasn’t for very long. I stayed a bit damp the rest of the day since I had a few layers of clothes- dress, undershirt, bra- held a lot of the moisture for a while. After the park we went to a house and did a quick scene in the backyard and then we were done. I think the contest deadline for the short is the end of June, so they should have enough time to finish it by then. Should be really funny. Lot of physical comedy and witty dialog.

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