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Link ** Delivery: The Beast Within (U.S. title) Lead Type AB Films Brian Netto
Contracted: Phase II Supporting IFC Midnight / Borderlight Pictues Josh Forbes
Link ** Leading Ladies Lead My Pet Piranha Erika & Daniel Beahm
Link Still Beating Lead Lead Balloon Asa Shumskas-Tait
Link The Night Caller Lead Thorpod Donna Thorland, Peter Podgursky
Link House of the Darned Lead Lead Balloon Asa Shumskas-Tait
Don’t Be Afraid Lead Silent Edge Productions Djon Sende
Link Black Dawn: Catalyst Lead New Renaissance Pictures Josh Sikora
Link ** Cheerbleeders Lead USC Graduate Thesis Peter Podgursky
Burn Lead USC Graduate Thesis Nicole Phillips
Precepts of Knighthood Lead LMU Graduate Thesis Joseph Marra
There But Not There Lead Chapman University Thesis Kenichi Sono
Link 1st Date Supporting Yellow Sun Films James Huang
  The Last Place You Look Supporting Psychic Bunny Doug Spice
Tonight You Die Supporting Psychic Bunny Asa Shumskas-Tait
Steel Case Lead USC MEML Graduate Short Karl Baumann
Trash Lead USC Graduate Short Christopher Satola
Oranges in the Garden Lead USC Graduate Short Heidi Hathaway
Hornbow Homemade Applesauce Lead USC Graduate Short Susan Metzger
Ada Vs. The New Girl Lead USC Graduate Short Tia Williams
Persuasion Lead USC Graduate Short Michael Moncrief
Crimson Asylum Lead Columbia College Short Chris Russell
The Night Life Lead USC Short film Lee Arter
No One Sees You Like I Do Lead Psychic Bunny Doug Spice
Where’s the Bloody Pizza? Lead University of Texas Short Claire Koonce
Gum Chewer Lead Chapman University Short Brianne Hunt
Link The Kilted Storm Trooper Supporting Two Camels Films Emily Dell
  I Think My FB Friend Is Dead Supporting Lockbox Entertainment Cisco Ruiz
Tree of Knowledge Supporting | Motion Capture Cal State Northridge Thesis Justin Pitman
Replica Supporting Chapman University Thesis Ryan Ramirez
It’s Just a Gun Supporting Chapman University Thesis Brian Robau
Before The Wonder Supporting Cal State Long Beach Thesis Caitlin Barberi
My Personal Demon Supporting Villyket Productions Violet Ketskarova
Link ** Life Between Interviews Supporting RD Productions Russell Whaley
False Colors Supporting Primate Pictures William Norton
The Echo Game Supporting Lead Balloon Brian Feeney
  ** Witch of Portobello (Peter Sherney) Supporting Steep Creek Pictures Craig Archibald
Link Funny Business Supporting Yellow Rubber Pretzel Films/MASC Patrick Clement
2010: A Dating Odyssey Supporting USC Graduate Short Tyler Gunderson
Follower Supporting CalArts Graduate Short Mark Levine
Death & Jane Supporting Azusa Pacific University Short Randy May
The Invasion Supporting NYFA MFA Short Disspong Sampattavanich
Goodbye Cruel World Featured Marvelous Monkey Mill Vinny Delay
Lose Weight with Cancer Featured Metra Entertainment Elysia Skye
The Red Ace Cola Project Featured USC Graduate Thesis Susan Metzger
Surrogate Featured USC Graduate Short Peter Podgursky


Link Operation Repo – Ep. 704 Co-Star TruTV

Internet Series

Nice Punisher Guest Star   Peter Podgursky
Coffee Pod Guest Star Horseshoe Cinema Charles DeRosa, Andy Viner
Link Episode 8 “Bowtie Chicken Pesto”
Link Episode 10 “Something’s Wrong”
Moonbound24: The Webseries Guest star Dough Boy Films Ward Edmondson
Unspecifed episode
Meter Maids Guest Star Grumpy Panda Peter Podgursky, Cindy Fang
Link Episode 5 “Dummy”
Hollywood Femalé:Attorney at Rock Lead/Regular Nine Levels of Awesome Entertainment Heath Corson, Jenni Powell
Episode 1
Episode 2 Co-Star Bablegum, Funbox Comedy Joy Gohring
Unspecifed episode
Jerks Vs. Dorks Supporting/Regular Twin Mask Productions Carlo Lim
Let Me Tell You Something About… Supporting/Regular Aimee Jones, Liz Miller
Sauce on the Side In the Weeds Productions Ned Mochel
Link Episode 4 Co-star
Link Customer Video 1 Co-star

Internet Video

Link Cold Iron (book trailer) Lead Pocket Star Donna Thorland
Link Vegan Fly Trap Lead Kwality Productions Studios Thomas Nolle
Propaganda 19 Lead Fun Little Movies Matthew Friedman
“The More You Smoke” PSAs
Link Our Process Lead Rabbit Animation
Call and Answer Lead Liz Miller
Link LA’s Hot New Diet Supporting Grumpy Panda Peter Podgursky
Link Christ His Head Is Crowning Supporting Lost Moon Radio Lauren Ludwig
Link Battle of Hogwarts – A Documentary Supporting Unrendered Media Nick Acosta
  Qualia 360 Demo Supporting Psychic Bunny
Link Astounding Tales of the Hunt Supporting Funbox Comedy
Santa vs. Santa Supporting Funbox Comedy
Sadly Too Late Supporting May Day V Competition
Link Tea Time Supporting The Atrox
23 Supporting May Day IV Competition
Monster on the Set Supporting Joey Harris
A Violent Cause Supporting Stephen Ang


Carry It In Your Heart Principal Artifact Studios (Disney Interactive) Brian Kessler
Crawford Kreative Media Group Featured Zugara Studios Michael Regalbuto


  Paypal Featured Blue Silver Productions Ilya Polyakoz
  American Red Cross PSA Principal Supply & Demand
Link Dr. Bonesaw Promo Featured Lead Balloon Asa Shumskas-Tait
Wishbone Salad Spritzer, Spec. Principal Paul Linkogle
Link Bring Purple Back Principal Sony Ericsson


Holiday Sweaters Elle Secret Rose Theater Liz Miller
Negotiations Sonya, Billie, Ellen Black Box Summerfest ’09 Meredith Berg
Season 9 Member 3 of a Kind Theater Company

Voice Over

NPRmageddon (podcast) Supporting Peter Podgursky
Grayline (Video Game) Lead USC Interactive Grad Thesis Sean Bouchard
Miami Vice DVD Featurette Translation VO Brian Feeney

Education, Training

B.A. Emerson College (New Media)
Acting: Dancing:
Craig Archibald Melanie LaPatin, Willem DeVries, Jacob Jason
Craig Campobosso, Mara Casey, Elizabeth Gamza
Audition Techniques: Fight Choreography:
Sunny Boling, Meg Morman Ned Mochel
Commercial Technique: Improv:
Judy Kain IO- Jim Woods


Bicycling, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Swimming, Horseback Riding
Patient with prosthetics, Motion Capture, Dexterous toes, Strong facial muscle control, Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Computers (graphics, programming, hardware, etc.), Manual Transmission Driving
*Passport valid – Feb 2022